The LED lights used in studio are the top grade teeth whitening lights that dental clinics use in clinic Our Pro 9000 is equipped with the latest advancements in teeth whitening technology. It accelerates the activation of the teeth whitening gel to ensure precision, safety, and remarkable results! Book with us using the book now button!

Suction unit

The way we do our teeth whitening treatments sets us apart from the rest who offer the in chair service, we use a suction machine to remove the gel between cycles to avoid any gel from potentially sliding around and burning your lips and gums this calls for a more thorough removal of the gel and an overall pain free experience

Pain free white teeth!

Our retractors which we use to keep the lips and cheeks out the way are made of silicon which make them more comfortable to wear for the duration of the treatment vs the plastic retractors which can be quite painful for clients after wearing them for a period of time!

These are not only comfortable but also create a physical thick barrier over the lips to further protect the client throughout the teeth whitening session.